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Small Steps Can Make A Difference



Earth Day is April 22. And this year, concerns for the future of our planet loom large. It is hard not to feel small and helpless given the enormity of the situation and the rapid changes to agencies designed to protect and preserve.

In thinking about what we hold dear and pondering ways to make a difference, we have made many changes in how we source materials and supplies, how we recycle and reuse, and how we approach business in general.

In addition, we have joined forces with 1% For The Planet and have pledged to donate 1% of our annual sales reveune to not-for-profit organizations who work diligently to protect our forests and who educate and inspire conservation and ecology. We are committed to taking steps, however small, to turn this thing around.

Every single piece created in our studio, whether purchased in our own brick and mortar. or through one of our amazing gallery partners across the country, at a regional art fair, or on our website, will contribute its share. Wear them proudly and know they are doing more than beautifully adorning.

It will take all of us but, small steps CAN make a difference.


Forest Bathing

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