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“Where do the ideas for your jewelry come from”?

I hear that question quite often. And the answer is “everywhere”, and sometimes, in the most unlikely places.

Today begins the Brown County Studio Tour, which runs through May 18th, and is a delightful opportunity for me to spend time in the beautiful gardens of my friend Rosey, and in her studio The Uncommon Gourd, where I will be a guest artist.

The picture of lichen, above, was taken at her place this time last year and served as inspiration for a small line of sterling silver jewelry that debuted this spring. All through the bitter winter, the memory of spring in Rosey’s garden, and that image of lichen, kept swirling through my head, providing a bit of green to counterbalance the ever-present white landscape. Earrings and necklaces with a rich texture, colored in greens and browns, and paired with twigs from the woods create a lasting memory of this delightful time.

The Lichen Series will be featured in a Newsletter Trunk Show later this summer. You are welcome to add your name to my mailing list to receive these newsletters.

I wonder what new inspirations I will find in Rosey’s garden this year?