handcrafted artisan jewelry

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”                   John Muir
Time spent among trees always teaches and inspires. These lovely, woody perennial plants with their elongated stems, or trunks, supporting branches and leaves play host to a myriad of forest creatures. They exude strength, flexibility, and a profound wisdom.

On our hike this week to explore the forest floor, we traversed Schooner Trace Trail in the Brown County State Park. A shared mountain bike and hiking pathway, this little used rugged trail covers about 5 miles and many of the wild flowers and fungi along the way had not yet been damaged by foot or tire.


In a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, each microcosm of texture was an invitation for closer examination. A chance to look closely, in awe, and to imagine worlds beyond our own.

Filtered light, more shades of green than there are names for, soft moss, elegant ferns, and the sound of cool breezes moving through leaves. Beauty in simplicity, undisturbed.

As a Metalsmith,  my mind wanders to the challenge of translating these forms into wearable art that will share this peaceful experience with the wearer.


Breathe it in.

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