handcrafted artisan jewelry

Forest Floor

With many rich textures, verdant aromas, colors both subtle and vibrant, the forest floor is a world often unnoticed. As a Nemophilist: One who is fond of the forest; a haunter of the woods, I have the luxury of living in a forest rich area in southern Indiana.

This year, I was honored with an Arts in the Park Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to serve as an Artist in Residence at the Brown County State Park. For four months, my task is to immerse myself in the study of the forest floor and to photograph forest finds for inspiration, culminating in the creation of a series of wearable art pieces.

You are invited to follow along as I document weekly hikes, share images of what inspiration is found along the hiking trails, and progress on the wearable art pieces.

Forest Bathing

Living deep in the woods, I have the luxury of spending time with trees. They are a rich source of inspiration with limitless variations in color, texture, and form.  They also provide delightful hours of entertainment as the breezes dance through the branches and the squirrels perform acrobatics while chattering  about the serious business of… Continue Reading